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Studio Naturalia offers taxidermy, skull and bone conservations, restoration of older taxidermy pieces, displays and diorama work. We also offer visitations to associations, companies and associations upon request.


We complete taxidermy commissions made to order. At this moment Studio Naturalia offers all bird and mammal taxidermy. Proper handling of the animal before bringing it to us is crucial for a succesful and high quality outcome. If you already have a commission planned out into the future, you can always contact us beforehand and we can make a plan for the correct steps to follow.

Skull and bone work

We will gladly work on any type of bones and skulls you wish. All skulls and skeletons get a thorough treatment that produces a clean, fat free and bright outcome.

Displays, dioramas ja reconstructive work

All taxidermy pieces are prepared on a small pedestal or backplate, but you can choose to have any sort of display you would like, big or small. We have prepared larger scientific dioramas for museums and can offer similar products for your needs as well. Building artificial rocks, trees and other similar display items is common practice for us and available upon request. We will gladly sit down with you and design the right elements for your particular needs.

Cleaning and reconstructing aged taxidermy pieces

We’ve worked on several school and museum taxidermy collections that have been on display for decades and noticed that a simple clean and minor repair can make a world of difference in your display. If your collection pieces have lost their identifying information along the years we can catalogue and identify them for you.


Studio Naturalia has a long history in the field of taxidermy, both consumer and museum work. Don’t be afraid to contact us with any simple questions puzzling you or if you need a complete set of services from planning to executing a full scale diorama.


Have you thought about having a professional taxidermist come up to your clientelle or members of association for a lecture or a workshop of your chosen subject? We would love to plan out a suitable programme to suit your interests and hold workshops or larger teaching courses.

Domestic cat skeleton
Jackdaw in the works
Grey American mink on a wall stand
Saimaa ringed seal in the works
Roe deer skull
White-tailed deer in the works