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The company only handles animals found dead, legally hunted or othewise legally obtained. If necessary, the animal must be accompanied by a proof of legal hunting, permit of posession or a CITES-permit. Animals are handled respectfully and all work is carried out with great care and sustainable methods.

My name is Netta Lempiäinen


Since I can remember I’ve wandered in nature, beginning in early chilhood trekking with my family and ongoing to this day. I always had a great fascination towards nature. My childhood notebooks became filled with animal drawings accompanied by hand-written fact sheets, nature journals and selfmade stone encyclopedias. Treasure hunting in the woods was my favorite past time, and still is! Gathering mushrooms, beautiful rocks, bones and twigs still excites me. Turning this passion into a profession is a dream come true!

Completing a Master’s degree at the University of Helsinki deeply embedded my love for nature, offering a more profound vision of the underlying mechanisms and functions of living things. Going on childhood birding trips with my father was also strongly reignited during my years at the academy, when we would often embark on challenging birding excursions and competing in fun bird rallies through all sorts of biomes around Finland, Estonia, Norway and where ever interesting species could be found. During my studies I started to realise that working at the Museum of Natural History could offer the perfect surrounding in which all these interests could be combined. After graduating in 2010, a position became available at the museum as an apprentice in the taxidermy department. Being accepted into that program as one of three apprentices was a true jackpot.

During my apprenticeship years the idea of starting a company on my own emerged. Learning more about the specialised subjects that interested me and being able to deploy a more complete package of my interests and skills demanded I move forward into entrepreneurship. So I took on some classes in a business college and in the summer of 2016 Studio Naturalia Ltd. was born. The first couple years I was kept busy by my main job at the museum, having moved up to the position of coordinatior, and Studio Naturalia started as a side project. Eventually the business grew too big to handle as a secondary item and I made the scary decisions of leaving the museum and concentrating fulltime into my company at the beginning of 2019.

Currently my time is divided between Studio Naturalia, the board of Finnish Taxidermy association and as an administrator at the ETC® (European Taxidermy Championships®) . I compete at the Finnish and European taxidermy championship competitions and actively take part in national and international seminars in the field.

My values

Operating through my own business I get to determine my own key values, one of which is without a doubt responsible practices. I only work with legally obtained animals and follow all set guidelines. Even though permit processes have become stricter in the past few years, I believe they need to be followed accurately and with respect to the current legislation.

My vision

I sincerely hope I get to continue my work long into the future. My respect for animals and the living world is great and I want to share this view with my customers. Finnish people are a nation of the woods and I see it as an important mission of mine to fortify this bond through my work. Today I strongly believe I’ve found the correct channel for my vision in Studio Naturalia.